About Us

We set our modest shop in 1995 when Cable as a medium for advertising was not yet in the minds of Advertisers and Agencies. As first time entrepreneurs, we were fuelled by the need to provide dramatically different alternatives to an otherwise saturated TRP driven National Broadcast market. We believed in the dictum of 'Putting Your Money where your Mouth is by investing our own hard money to start our business in Local Cable Advertising and we have come up the hard way and a long way since then.

Our Milestones

  • 1995-1997 Local Cable Tv Network Advertising.
  • 1998 Video vans for Rural Marketing.
  • 209 Social Media Advertising .
  • 2010 Mobile Advertising .

Our milestones speak for themselves..First off the Block, when it all started, to be there, to do that, to offer the best of the unexplored media vehicles to our clients, to show off their brands.

Breaking the the Clutter to enable the brand to reach their targeted profile thru a appropriate media vehicle , be it Cable TV Network across the country, Social Media Network, like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.. etc.... Mobile advertising or be it Rural Video vans..

360 degree ecosystem for maximising Revenue and Reach , helping the brand optimize their CPT tailor made for the brand.

We were the first guys to integrate Tv Cable Network with Social Media thru effective use of QR Codes.

Video Vans for more Targeted Rural Campaigns and product sampling and review feed back is one of our other marketing vertical , Brands approach us for. Major FMCG Brands like HUL, Britannia &Leading Media Agencies like GROUPM rely on us..

Institutions like Mumbai Police and MPCC have used our services.

Team Infinite

Our team is a bunch of Go Getters who only know Customer Fulfilment as their Mantra

Team Infinite

20 years into this business, Team Infinite is a bunch of eclectic mix from media and technology backgrounds. The team, which breathes only 'Customer Fulfilment' works on innovative business, efficient delivery processes and disruptive technologies to achieve the means of customer outreach and Advertiser Fulfilment. We Think Out of the Box to deliver from within the Box.

Services and Solutions

Over 20 years into exclusive Broadcast Media Sales and Operations.

National Cable

We cover India Cable like no one else. We have an unassailable reach Nationally with a coverage of over 100 mn +HouseHolds ,400 + MSOs /operators,in over 300. We deliver Ad Spots, Logs, Pre & Post Eval and Viewership with credible and transparent accountability.

Cable TV Advertising

Unmatched National Network coverage in the following areas

over 100 mn household reach
over 300 cities covered
Exclusive and near exclusive tie-ups with over 400 MSOs and cable operators
Highly compliant and reviewable services
120 minutes of FCT per day per month of available space We also cover rural areas thru our National network of Rural marketing vans that not only deliver AV content but also can provide sampling and product testing capabilities in line with ad releases

  Local Cable Network National Channels
Targetability Can run an ad geographically down to the cable system. Can run two or more ads to different market segments simultaneously Can only run an ad nationally/Entire Region
Scheduling Flexibility Can choose multiple networks and programs based on target viewers Have to commit to whatever audience the network delivers
Ease in Buying Very easy one phone call one RO, One Invoice Must negotiate with each Channel individually
Reach Builds reach only in the markets that matter to a brand Builds reach nationally in entire cable/DTH universe
Interactive Television Opportunities Custom built by Infinite Interactive to create a deep level of brand experience Not available
Promotional Capabilities Easy to create local market campaigns Can only create national campaigns
Efficiency Efficient,targeted CPMs Efficient CPMs

Delivery Options
Geography centric -State/City/MSO Wise
Language centric
Viewership bloc wise
Simultaneous multi bloc releases
Pan India Releases (HSM + Non HSM + Regional)

Social Intervention

Create Social Media presence in Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram, FB, etc

Social Intervention

Integrating social media with Cable Network QR Code.

Create Social Media presence in Twitter, Google+, Ytube, Instagram, FB, etc.
Targeted geo-lingua and profile based ad delivery online.
Redirection for SMS based and OBD based subscription.
Competition and Profile Positioning.
Reputation management.
War room for Social Media.

QR Code Based Delivery

Integrating social media with Cable Network QR Code.

QR Code Based Delivery

Effective means of Customer Viewership and reach.
Can be combined with eMissed call platform and SMS platform for enhanced viewership reach.
Deliver content and measure.
Fulfilment cycle thru - CRM Integration, Salesforce Integration of Advertisers.
Effective Lead Generation and Routing.
360 Degree Brand Integration and Delivery.
Integrate with Promotions/Vouchers/Cashback/Discount schemes.

eMissed call and SMS

Strategic Integration of Cable Ad Delivery Means with a powerful responsive Missed Call / SMS platform.

eMissed call and SMS

Instant Fulfilment.
Measure Audience Reach.
Deliver content and measure.
Integrate into Product and Customer Wallet.
Effective Customer Behavior Measurement.
Strategic Integration of Cable Ad Delivery Means with a powerful responsive Missed Call / SMS platform.
Integrate with Promotions/Vouchers/Cashback/Discount schemesIntegrate with Promotions/Vouchers/Cashback/Discount schemes.


Audio visual van for Rural promotions.

Rural Networking

Audio visual van for Rural promotions.

100 + video vans across the country to support the Cable Network.
6000 tablets to carry your client commercials to individual households with instant sampling and online feedback survey..
Total Districts - 35
Total Town - 236
Operate from Mumbai having offices in Calcutta, Hyderabad and Delhi.
Specialize in Road shows.
All kinds of BTL activities.

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Please Feel Free To Contact Us at sales@infinitemediaonline.in
Mob : +91  7738965151   Tel :+91  22  25958081.


B-311, Eastern Business District (EBD), L.B.S. Road,  Bhandup(W),  Mumbai - 400078.

Sales Franchise Contact

North : + 91  98911 37223,
Mumbai & West : + 91  9819950892,
South : + 91  97898 64444.